About Ministry Revolution

The Ministry Revolution Story

Ministry Revolution is a total ministry marketing and influence solution driven to transform thousands of ministries (and lives) each year. We do this by creating gigantic influence and attendance breakthroughs in record time with less struggle and less costly, yet more effective marketing.

Using online and offline strategic direct response marketing systems, products, services and coaching programs that are often counterintuitive, Ministry Revolution shows pastors, church leaders, and denominational/network organizations how to increase influence, find hidden growth opportunities, add members on-demand, and create strategic, more automated marketing using road-tested methods — not unproven theory.

Ministry Revolution was founded by Bryson G. Baylor when he started providing high-end marketing services to pastors and church leaders with an immense desire to increase congregation membership while indelibly influencing their cities in the most preeminent and rewarding ways to develop strategic systems for growth.triangle

Ministry Revolution teaches better marketing by concentrating on Bryson’s proven system, which focuses on three things that make up our Marketing Triangle:

The Right Movement (Strategic Message)
The Right Crowd (Target Market)
The Right Monetization (Strategic Medium)

Whereas most people ignore this straightforward approach and start with Monetization, Ministry Revolution helps our members understand the correct process so you can attract your ideal audience, gain sustainable competitive advantage and increase your attendance and influence exponentially in ANY city.

A Champion for pastors and church leaders

Using his unique real world experience as a tenured pastor and church planter along with owning a leading marketing consulting to small business and entrepreneurs of all sizes (start-ups  to multi-million dollar companies), where results rule…and marketing dollars can’t be wasted on theory, he wanted to help pastors and church leaders  put an end to wasting their time and money on marketing strategies that don’t work and rescue them from the frustration he observed so many experiencing.

He knew he could make a difference to these churches bottom line by forming an exclusive “group” where he could share his first-hand counter-intuitive knowledge. So he  created a place where you can:

  • Move to the top of your community in your target crowd’s mind where no competitor can touch you
  • Drastically decrease the waste of your marketing, while doubling, tripling, or even 10x-ing your efforts
  • Create 24/7, 365 days per year marketing systems that are unique to you, but attract your target crowd like bees to honey.
  • Experience less stress, strain, worry and aggravation about fulfilling your calling from God
  • Easily and effortlessly create consistent attendance breakthroughs so you can focus on the more important things in your ministry instead of the numbers.


Today, Bryson G. Baylor and Ministry Revolution influences ministry annually through the various Newsletters, books, products, coaching, live trainings and other resources.

Each month Ministry Revolution members save hundreds of hours of time, leverage hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on advertising and marketing tests and receive the “best of the best” marketing opportunities and tactics available from Ministry Revoultion and their Board of Experts.

A Plan that Helps You Go From Zero to Thousands

at-MRAt Ministry Revolution, we will show you how to cut through the nonsense and stupidity. and learn to market your ministry more effectively. Bryson G. Baylor, together with Ministry Revolution does this by offering a plan and a solution – not just theory. The kind of marketing we teach you is the polar opposite of the brand and image advertising that you see most big corporations doing- which is what churches normally model. Because the worst move a ministry could ever make is copying big corporations with big pockets.

We teach you to establish a process by which your ideal prospective crowd raises their hands and comes to you requesting more information and engagement with you instead of you chasing them to come to your church and becoming a believer.

We combine classic lead generation advertising — permission marketing — and effective multi-step, multi-media follow-up to develop new members; create referrals; get current members to give more money (and time) with you; and inactive members to return to do more business with you using less costly yet more effective marketing that gets results FASTER.

If it sounds complicated, it isn’t.

You’ll quickly understand our processes, and be able to create measurable and accountable advertising, as well as well-crafted offers that people will find irresistible.

At Ministry Revolution, we will show you how to cut through the unnecessary struggle and learn to market your ministry more effectively.