Messiah Marketing

Messiah Marketing

The World’s #1 Strategic Ministry Marketing System For Generating Influence and Attendance On-Demand 24/7, 365 Days a Year Anywhere. Messiah Marketing® is the secret sauce for Ministry Revolution. It’s what sets our marketing strategies apart from every other ministry marketing consultant, group, or so-called marketing expert. Our system truly unlocks the potential for you ministry to grow and impact your city on-demand. It has 3 Core Components:

Movement: Every pastor and ministry has a unique and necessary calling from God for their specific region and generation. In order to maximize opportunity for impact and growth, they MUST mobilize their ministries from being a Sunday-centric event to a 24/7 movement platform that is ultra-marketable and strategically positioned.

Crowd: It’s far simpler to attract potential converts and potential members to a Messiah Marketing®-based movement than it is to a church service. The point of developing your Movement is so that you can have a highly magnetic platform to expose your target market to the Gospel and your ministry in a preeminent fashion. The greater your crowd, the greater growth potential you have.

Conversion: Strategically taking your crowd through a marketing funnel designed to provide unmatched value, preeminent positioning, answer objections about the Gospel and  Jesus, get them to embrace your ministry vision, and make them desperate to attend one of your worship services. Conversion develops an automated system that leads your crowd to one thought- I need Jesus AND your ministry in my life.

What We Do For Your Ministry

As can be seen, the Messiah Marketing System is the only ministry marketing system of it’s kind that helps ministries of all shapes and sizes generate strategic results on-demand. Your ministry can implement Messiah Marketing in 3 different ways depending on your budget, needs, and level of immediate growth desired:

  1. A complete, done-for-you implementation and operation of the program along with in-depth consultations
  2. A hybrid, collaborative implementation approach where we help you with some of the heavy lifting, but your ministry team oversees the majority of the implementation.
  3. A training- and consultation-based approach where we spend significant amounts of time providing high-level training on the Messiah Marketing System so you and your ministry team can take the information and run with it on your own.

Messiah Marketing Core Systems

The reason why Messiah Marketing is so potent and generates such amazingly powerful results is because it consists of 8 strategic components that, when used in concert, allows your ministry to be positioned as the “Messiah” in your city. This level of strategic marketing has been non-existent for ministries until now. Now, ministries can control and growth, predict success rates, and finally be in the driver’s seat for attendance and influence. The Messiah Marketing core systems are:

Core Strategic Consultations: A series of in-depth, highly revealing consultations with the pastor and relevant ministry teams to help discover the direction, goals, vision, and information needed for optimal implementation and follow up. We’ll spend over 40 hours throughout the process with your ministry team digging deep to align your vision, mission, and assignment with the Messiah Marketing system.

Strategic Marketing System: Creation of the ministry “movement” and the various marketing collateral required to help position ministry as the most preeminent. This will be your ministry’s unique positioning and message that allows you to engage your membership and community in highly leveraged ways to draw them into your crowd- and they’ll love it, too!

Lead Generation System: Development of strategic lead generation and prospecting systems that allow 24/7, multi-step communications with leads that will turn cold prospects into white-hot attendees automatically. These tools range from ads (digital and physical), website landing pages and follow up systems, email autoresponder campaigns, direct mail, and more. Your ministry will be able to have a suite of tools that your target crowd into your future members.

Social Media System: Optimization and development of social media assets that allow the ministry’s movement and crowd-gathering initiatives to become highly social, shareable, and viral. Now your ministry will have more than scriptural quotes on your profiles, you can specifically attract your target demographic and be included in their social societies authentically.

Video System: Development of “Core Positioning Videos” along with Lead Generation videos that allows your ministry the ability to have a clearly defined, relevant, and massive presentation through video usage- offline AND online.

Publicity Strategy: Development of strategies to publicize your ministry movement in a way that is attractive to media, potential partners, and your target crowd. Your ministry will be prominently featured in your local newspaper, on local radio stations and other outlets that helps engineer preeminence.

Funding System: Development of a strategy to help fund your movement using ministry-based funds and funds from outside partners. Your ministry will have the necessary components in place that will have businesses and people practically “begging” you to allow them to help your movement. We’ll help you tap into the plenteous provision God has set aside for your ministry vision.

Branding System: Development of your ministry branding and perception management that will give you the ultra-professional appearance and help communicate your movement before a word is ever heard or read. We help you develop a new logo, website, professional photography, and more.

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