Marketing is helpful in generating an audience to hear the Gospel

Listen, Jesus knew that if He was going to get people to take him seriously, He couldn’t just come out and say “I’m the Messiah.” But what did He do? He came out doing miracles, signs, and wonders explicitly so he could get people’s attention enough to hear his primary message- repentance and believing in the Gospel of God.

If you take the miracles out of Jesus’ existence, it’s likely that people wouldn’t take him seriously. IF you take the supernatural tendencies he had and remove them, it’s likely he would have never been crucified because he wouldn’t have truly posed a threat to the religious AND societal structure.

Now granted, they (miracles) were given to Jesus as a means for God to attest Him among people, however it’s also what caused people to be attracted to him and listen to him. He and the disciples knew that some people were only with them for the fish and bread. And yet that didn’t discourage their miracle-working efforts.

Here’s the point- Jesus used miracles as a means to gather (and sustain) audiences so that he could truly impact their lives with his preaching and teaching. He didn’t win people over just with the message in itself- it took an attraction-and-attention-getting strategy in order to get people not to look at Him like every other religious leader of the time, but to really see Him for who He is- the prophesied messiah.

So if Jesus needed devices to get people’s attention – and He was the greatest preacher and demonstrator of the Kingdom of God- how much more would we need a system or strategy to get people’s attention enough so we can tell them about the good news of the Kingdom?

That doesn’t diminish the importance of the gospel and the priority it should have in people’s lives, either. Because when you consider it, some of the most important things we need in the non-spiritual sense requiring attraction-and-attention-getting strategies. Life insurance is one of them. I know.

The Need To Market┬áThe Necessary’

I used to sell life insurance and we had to have a very “precise” presentation, a system for handling objections, using various tactics to secure the appointments, and closing the deal. Now, this is for something that is a bonafide necessity in our lives- financial protection for your family. And even though everyone needs as much of it as they can afford, people weren’t stampeding our offices down. We still had to do things to get them to pay attention to us enough to realize that they needed some form of financial preparation for their family.

If people KNOW they need life insurance, but still have to be sold on it, how much more would they feel that way about the Gospel? Particularly when our country has been saturated with churches, Christianity, and it is almost unpopular in our country? Since people are almost anesthetized to Jesus and the Kingdom, wouldn’t it make sense to have things in place that allow us to strategically get their attention and ethically persuades them to be open to the Gospel? Of course.

This is why marketing is so necessary for EVERY church that wants to grow and impact their region. You need as many tools as possible to put your ministry in position for people to pay attention to. When you break it down to the very core, the reason why your church may be struggling with growing and attendance has more to do with your inability to get people to productively pay attention to you than it does with your vision statement, how cool and comfy your experience is, and if you give away cookies and coffee before and after service. The real answer to massive church growth- and church growth on-demand- is your marketing system.

That is, marketing is the biggest growth factor for your ministry outside of the supernatural, can’t-systemetize-or-quantify presence and attraction of the Holy Spirit. And if you can have both, it only makes sense.

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