Marketing let’s you give prospects the best opportunities to come to Jesus and a local church

It’s not enough just to get people’s attention and attract them to something, but you have to make the most of those moments where they are focused on your message (in this case, Jesus & the Kingdom). A lot of churches are doing a good job at generating attention and most do not do it at all. However, just getting attention won’t make the most of your efforts.

When you approach marketing from a strategic perspective, you’ll see that attention alone won’t cut it and it won’t generate the results you need. You probably may have experienced this when you’ve done lots of outreach events and servant evangelism efforts, and still do not convert that “attention” in to guests on Sundays and new members. Why? Because your attention-getting has to be strategic.

Marketing allows you to maximize your attention by taking the attention you receive and creating a backdrop of (ethical) persuasion that gets your audience to “think how you want them to.” It allows you the ability to disarm them of any preconceived notions about God, religion, you (as the pastor), your ministry’s reputation, and their own ill-conceived ideas. That’s what truly effective marketing will do for you. When your audience has their attention grabbed, they will also have their minds provoked, seeds planted for learning more, and having your ministry irrevocably placed as one of the preeminent ministries in your region- if not the most preeminent.

This is why I’m so against what we call “servant evangelism” stuff when it’s geared to get people to visit church or learn more about Jesus. Why? Because me handing out dozens of water bottles with a smile on my face doesn’t give me the attention that I need. Now, granted, it works and some churches get results, but overall it’s flawed in its execution. However, if your aim is simply to give people water, and there is no desire at all to get some of those people come to church and experience Jesus under your ministry, then go for it. If you do want people to come, join, and get to know Jesus from those “servant evangelism” efforts, it’s ineffective.

IF you do get people’s attention (and that’s a BIG “if”), then you won’t be able to maximize that attention. What will you do? GIve them a brief speech about how awesome your church is? Or will you tell them the time and location of your church services? That’s what most churches do. And that’s a big waste of the attention that you just grabbed. There really is no way for you to systematically and effectively position your ministry from those initiatives. Again, attention alone isn’t good enough. Your attention-getting must be able to move people down a veritable path towards learning more about your ministry and about Jesus.

However, when you do have a marketing system in place for your ministry that is bent on getting people to pay attention to your ministry while positing your ministry in their minds, addressing their deepest desires and fears, and making them HUNGRY for what you have to offer (that they feel no one else can offer except your church),  you will have made the most of your attention-getting. Marketing allows you to do that.

Marketing is what helps people recognize that they may be interested in what you have to offer. It’s what makes them see that they may, indeed, have a need for this Jesus you serve. And hopefully, you can see how that is extremely different than preaching the gospel to them. This doesn’t impact or influence your preaching in any way. Rather, it makes your audience more hungry to hear your preaching, more receptive to the message.

Your marketing is supposed to give your prospects the best chances of making the RIGHT decision of coming to your church to experience the irresistible power and love of Jesus Christ. WIthout this kind of marketing, we’re leaving people up to their own initiative to make the decision they need to make. Without it, it allows people to maintain their own, incorrect, and satan-influenced thoughts about Jesus and church. If we do not paint another picture for them to see through our marketing, we let them rest on their own thoughts and ideas about church without strategically responding to them.

Does Growing Your Ministry Take All of That?

Now you may be saying “it shouldn’t take all of that” to get people to come to Jesus and visit your church. You’re right, it shouldn’t. But it does. We need to use every tool and tactic we can to win the hearts of men and women and help deliver them from the devil’s captivity.

In fact this is the very scenario that happened with Jesus when he preached in His home town of Nazareth. The people he grew up in front of, his relatives, his friends could not receive the divine gift that He was because they were not properly esteeming Jesus. They couldn’t see beyond what they thought about him already. His family probably thought they knew everything about Jesus and wouldn’t dare believe on him for the miraculous. They were not hungry, open, or willing to drink from his eternal cup of grace. He got their attention, but they paid him no mind because they didn’t perceive Him properly. And as scripture says, Jesus could do no miracles there.

However, in the towns where Jesus had been positioned properly and people’s imagination and understanding about God (and Jesus) had been catalyzed, he was able to produce massive amounts of miracles and results. Both scenarios had to do with the quality of attention given to Jesus.

In His hometown, people could not get past their own knowledge about Jesus. People in your city are like that about your ministry and about God- they think they already know everything they need to know. They couldn’t be more wrong. That’s why you need to strategically manage the attention given to you.

If you do it right, you can generate the audience and scope of influence that your region can handle. If you continually to do it as you’ve always done, you may end up with a Nazareth experience.

By now, I hope you are able to see the differences between marketing and preaching the gospel. Particularly, I hope you’re able to see how marketing (when done correctly) doesn’t interfere with the preaching of the Gospel. If you are hungry for a harvest of souls in your region. If you want to build a ministry that matches your God-given vision and dreams, then you MUST implement a strategic marketing system in your church.

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