The Revolution In Ministry Marketing

If you’re honest, some of the absolute worst marketing efforts comes directly from the business with the most important, most proven, and most powerful “product and service,” – the Gospel message! This is just a sad fact that is inescapable. If you immediately agreed with that statement and thought about the “cool” factor or the quality of the design for marketing, you may be apart of this problem.

What the overwhelming majority (I’d estimate at LEAST 90%) of pastors and church leaders do not understand is this: Marketing is “salesmanship multiplied.” Your design aesthetic or “cool” message has less to do with effective marketing than we’ve emphasized.

Don’t get me wrong, if you’ve got great graphic design and are able to communicate in a relevant, contextual delivery in your marketing collateral, keep it up. I’m just trying to tell you that there’s WAY more to marketing than that. Those factors alone DO NOT mean that you have great marketing. Here’s why: The ultimate goal of marketing isn’t to get people to say “that looks cool or creative” – although that helps your marketing efforts.

Marketing is supposed to work strategically to move your target market to purchasing your product. In the ministry context, it’s job is to move people in your city to a thriving relationship with God while developing that relationship as an attender and member at your ministry.

This is what ministries have long missed- the strategic outlook to get people to take those steps necessary in a systematic process. As a result, when ministries do invest in marketing and advertising, they get the bare minimum of response- if any at all.

And that is why a revolution is necessary in ministry marketing. We have the greatest message EVER to be released – on earth AND in heaven. There’s no greater message/product/experience than that of redemption and salvation through Jesus Christ. Scripture tells us that angels are “jealous” of what we have access to through God’s love for us! ‚ĶAnd yet still, we do the absolute worst job at STRATEGICALLY exposing our service to our communities.

Not to “toot our own horn”, but our Ministry Revolution team has developed (and is continually developing) ultra-effective, ultra-influential marketing systems that help churches of any size, geography and mission radically influence their city and generate attendance on-demand. How you ask? World-famous author and marketing expert, Mark Victor Hansen, said it best: Success is a system. Anything you want to accomplish can be broken down into a system.

Here’s the good news for pastors and church leaders everywhere: Attracting people to your ministry on-demand and influencing your city can be systematic! It should be systematic for you. Moreover, it doesn’t have to be as challenging as it has been. This is why design and the “cool factor” in your marketing isn’t the solution in itself. Your ministry needs an effective marketing system that can do the heavy lifting. Your ministry need strategy, not tactics alone.

All-too frequently in America, once-thriving ministries have closed their doors forever due to the inability to generate attendance. New churches full of promise and destiny, have shut their doors due to their inability to generate influence and attendance; letting the God-breathed vision and call die in a failure of marketing. They may have had awesome marketing tactics (although most churches don’t). They may have had flyers, billboards, modern websites, tv commercials, and any other tactic you can think of. However, without a unified system those tactics produce sporadically, if they do at all.

What would happen if those same “struggling” churches (along with churches that are operations and well), were able to utilize a proven marketing system that attracts people to their ministries 24/7, 365 days a year? What would happen If ministries knew how to implement a marketing system that gave them the key to unlimited growth? How would that affect our cities, our government, our culture? In short, it would revolutionize those things. Now, the only way those churches close their doors is because they’re moving to a bigger, more functional location.

There’s no other way I can put it: Your ministry needs a marketing system. The even greater news is that we specialize in helping churches develop and implement strategic marketing systems.