You Against The World

For whatever reason (maybe hyper-religious paradigms) certain marketing and business concepts are harder to contextualize in the local church than others. We have no problem whatsoever talking about budgets, committees, boards, and bylaws. Those things are commonplace in every ministry in every context in America- white, black, latino, mega, storefront, and church plants. In fact, most would argue that those things are necessary, both legally and for accountability.

Yet there are several concepts the church community is seemingly afraid of. Like “profit” for instance. This will undoubtedly upset a handful of people who read this, but it’s true nevertheless. The church doesn’t want anything to do with “profit” or excess because the government told us we were non-profit organizations and they’ve given us a set of rules that we have elected to abide by.

So we have let their definition of the local church create the parameters for our Kingdom operation and for what we both, accept and reject. Then again, that’s also a stigma from greedy and criminal pastors, trustees, board members, deacons, scammers, and televangelists, too. We definitely can’t forget about their impact on our perception. Still, we’re almost afraid of “profit” and what we need.

And don’t talk about “competition” to the church. We have been conditioned and taught to believe there shouldn’t be competition in the Body of Christ among churches. So now pastors and church leaders across the country have to figure out a way to fake the fact that they’d rather have their city worship and be discipled in their ministry than the other ones. When in actuality, they want to have as many people as possible be apart of their ministry.

On one hand it’s an “humble” stance to take and it even sounds like a “Christian” concept Jesus, himself, would be proud of. When in reality, it couldn’t be farther from the truth of the matter. Competition is necessary, it’s vital for the continued development, innovation, and sharpening of the local church.

Let me be clear, the Church is in direct competition against the devil’s agenda for “souls” and influence with eternal stakes at play. We’re in competition against false religions, ungodly entertainment, unjust and corrupt governments, and dedicated agendas that are explicitly unrighteous. This is the greatest competition we face.

For that reason alone, it only makes sense to invest more into doing whatever it takes to implement a marketing system into your ministry that allows you to generate attendance AND influence on-demand; strategically being able to persuade thousands of people to experience the love of Jesus.

It’s mind-boggling how ministries do not actively and aggressively put more attention towards strategic marketing systems to attracting more people. If you were to inspect the budgets of most local churches, you’d easily see how disproportionate it is. Far more is invested into operations than into attracting people (a marketing system). Considering how dire our battle is with this chief antagonist, this reality shows we may not be as effective (or as impacting) as we think we are or can be.

Can we really say we want to “reach the lost at any cost” if we don’t actually invest in marketing systems that… reach the lost? How are we keeping score against our arch opponent? These questions need answered in your ministry.

It’s critical we embrace this competition and use it as a means to seek out further strategies and means to “combat” for the souls of people across the country. This Kingdom paradigm makes it all the more important to do everything we can to force the odds in our favor by any means necessary.